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If you’re in need of professional home improvement contractors in Los Angeles, California, partner with Littleton’s Construction. We have a team of experts who can and will deliver unrivalled home improvement services for any kind of home across the area. With years of experience in the industry, we confidently provide a wide array of home improvement services. This includes, home additions, carpentry services, flooring repairs and replacements, electrical services, and roofing. Our home improvement services have been the quintessential choice for residents across Los Angeles for years. With affordable rates and unmatched attention to detail, no other company in the area can provide home improvement and remodeling like Littleton’s Construction.

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Additions and Remodeling

Considered as the bread and butter of Littleton’s Construction, we offer home additions and remodeling services for residential clients across Los Angeles. Whether a client needs a new look for their existing space, or if they require additional living space for their loved ones, our team of specialists are able to provide fast and affordable home additions and remodeling services tailored to meet your exact specifications. As with other residents across Los Angeles, we too are home owners ourselves, so we understand how important a keen attention to detail is when it comes to remodeling services.

At Littleton’s, we aim to meet and even exceed our client’s expectations by making sure the design phase is in sync with the actual remodeling job. This means on the ground assessment and quality checks throughout the entire remodeling process. Each detail our clients requested are met, and every part checked and double checked before moving on to the next. It’s this kind of rigorous system that makes our home improvement and remodeling services stand out from the rest of the competition across Los Angeles.

Additions and Remodeling
Cabinetry & Carpentry

Cabinetry & Carpentry

Remodeling one’s home may require the need for quality cabinetry & carpentry services. But not all carpenters across Los Angeles, California can deliver the same quality and sophistication that our contractors at Littleton’s this construction. When it comes to carpentry services, it's all about accuracy and detail, especially since we're talking about home improvement.

While some carpenters would often choose the easier and quite honestly, more plane design concept for their cabinetry and fixtures, our carpenters go a step further by actually listening to what are our clients want and making sure to meet and their respective requests and demands. Our skill in carpentry, cabinetry, and fixtures is backed by years of experience, make us one of, if not the sophisticated carpenters and remodelers across Los Angeles. But it’s not just about scale that matters. We also fully utilize the latest tools and equipment to ensure that even our carpentry services are accomplished right the first time. From kitchen cupboards to bathroom cabinets, shelves and other fixtures, our carpenters guarantee outstanding results that are as affordable as they are timely.

Flooring Installations & Repairs

It's often the said that no home would be complete without the right flooring material. But what is a good flooring material without proper installation? And what good is a properly installed floor without the right repair and replacement solutions? Here’s where companies such as Littleton’s Construction comes into play. We understand the importance of quality flooring for any home across Los Angeles. Damages such as cracks or gouges not only takes away the home’s appeal, but also depreciate a property’s value. Our team of flooring technicians our highly trained and equipped to deal with various kinds of more material; from wood to tiles to the more expensive stone materials. Depending on the type of flooring, we will adjust our strategies and use the right equipment to ensure that we properly do the job without further damage in your floors. We use eco-friendly cleaning and polishing compounds that effectively remove any surface level scuffs and scratches on your floors, leaving them looking like brand new every single time.

Other flooring repair specialists carefully take into consideration the type of floor you have before actually tackling the job itself. It's a given that some materials such as marble or granite may require specific handling to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged during the replacement procedure. Our technicians see to it that each tile is installed properly and sets level with other tiles and the foundation itself, making sure that no section of the material sticks out and no cavities are present underneath the floor.

There's simply no debating that when it comes to flooring services such as repairs and installations or replacements, Littleton’s Construction is considered as one of the most sophisticated companies across Los Angeles. Our dedication to home improvement and remodeling services are unmatched but the competition, and we make sure that even our flooring services are met with the utmost attention to detail and professionalism.

Additions and Remodeling
Cabinetry & Carpentry

Electrical Solutions

The electrical system is undeniably one of the most crucial features of one’s home. One wrong wiring can definitely spell disaster for any homeowner and their loved ones. That's why it’s important to choose electricians across Los Angeles with the right experience and licenses to ensure that your property remains safe as it is functional. while there are other home remodeling companies also offer electrical services, it's not safe to simply assume that since they offer such service, they’re already qualify to do the job.

Littleton’s Construction has licensed electricians who can handle any type of residential electrical service that you might need. Whether it’s rewiring or circuit replacement, our electricians will be able to confidently and professionally work on the job and efficiently deliver the results you need. No need to worry about faulty electrical that may compromise your family's safety. Our electricians not only deliver the electrical services that you want, but we also make sure to properly assess the project before and after, guaranteeing its stability and functionality.

Don't settle for questionably cheap offers when it comes to electrical services, especially since such task requires a certain level of expertise and a high consideration for safety. At Littleton’s Construction, we provide both while still guaranteeing affordability for our electrical solutions for clients across Los Angeles.

Plumbing Services

Gone are the days when a house can be considered a home without proper plumbing. It's so important that it's quite impossible to consider building house without laying the groundwork for proper plumbing. And while pipes and other plumbing materials have indeed gone a long way since the turn of the century, it’s still pretty much susceptible to rust, wear and tear, and other similar damages. When such problems occur, most of us are, quite honestly, are ill-equipped to deal with it. That's where our plumbers come in.

Plumbing systems can be quite complex. And if not done properly, can cause further damage not only to your faucets & pipes, but also to your cabinetry, flooring, and even walls and ceilings. Let our experts at Littleton’s is construction deal with your plumbing dilemmas so you don't have to. Our plumbers have handled a number plumbing concerns over the years; from fixing taps to replacing pipes. We're definitely more than capable of addressing a simple leak when it comes to homes across Los Angeles. Our level of expertise surpasses on that of the basic plumber, but it doesn't mean that we won't accept the traditional plumbing work. We care for our clients and their needs as much as we care for our name and reputation. So, whether it's a leak or a full plumbing work, you can be confident that our plumbers are able to accomplish the job properly and on time.

Additions and Remodeling
Cabinetry & Carpentry

Windows and Doors

Any home improvement service provider wouldn’t be complete without door and window repairs and replacements. It's simply one of the services that directly equates to home improvement and remodeling. And it's not a surprise, it's a known fact in the industry that windows and doors tend to get damaged more often than any other component in the house. That’s why most home improvement company is capitalized on such service — because of demand.

While our company also provides window repairs and replacements/door repairs and replacement services, we set ourselves apart from the rest by offering them at a more affordable rate without compromising the quality of our work. Regardless of the type and design of the window or door, our technicians have no problem repairing them and or replacing them. From traditional French windows to modern sliding ones, you can rely on our team of window repair technicians/door replacement specialists to provide you with the right kind of service without you spend them more her then you have to.

Our window repair and replacement/door Repair and replacement services are as straightforward as it can get. If you have any damaged components such as panes or the glass itself, we will be able to fix it. No fuss. No Complaints. Just quality results every single time.

Roofing Services

Being one of Los Angeles’ most sought-after home improvement & remodeling companies, Littleton's Construction goes a step further by providing quality roofing services and driveway installations as well. Roofs are absolutely crucial for residences across the area, and while LA is known for its weather, it's also not a stranger to Seasonal rains either. Is therefore crucial to ensure that your roof is maintained throughout the year.

If you suspect any damages over leaks coming from your ceiling, give Littleton’s Construction a call and we'll send some of our best roofers to assess your roof. If any cause for repairs or replacements are identified, we provide with an honest initial estimate and breakdown of what can be done. When you do agree to proceed with roof repairs or roof replacement, we will schedule the earliest time possible. Will then send a team of roofers on the given date and work on your roof immediately. It's basically a race against time so we want to accomplish the task as fast as possible to ensure that it's ready by the time the rains come. And although we do want to finish the job as fast as possible; our roofers maintain a level of quality throughout the entire project. We guarantee that each roof repair or roof replacement service that we provide meets company standards and exceeds client expectations. Our rate for roof repairs and or roof replacement is considered some of the most affordable across Los Angeles. You can rest assured that our team of roofers will deliver exceptional output for your roofing needs without ever burning a hole in your wallet.

Additions and Remodeling
Cabinetry & Carpentry

Driveway Installations & Repairs

Littleton’s Construction seals the deal with driveway installations as a sub offer to our home improvement services. We all know that a home is never complete without a functional driveway. But the problem is, the real estate can be quite big, which in turn makes the job a bit difficult to accomplish. And let's be honest, we don't really have the time to do it ourselves.

Let Littleton’s Construction provide you with quality driveway installations for your home. With years of experience installing and repairing driveways for homes across Los Angeles, we know exactly how to deal with such task and provide it in a timely and affordable matter. We have a team of builders and technicians, as well as a series of sophisticated equipment to make sure that the job is done as fast as possible without compromising quality. Our procedure is strictly maintaining and executed; from prepping the foundation to pouring concrete, to finishing and curing. We make it a point to deliver our driveway installations and repair services with the utmost attention to detail and professionalism that other companies cannot match.

ADU Conversions/Garage Conversions & Remodeling

Garages are a staple across Los Angeles. With the sheer number of vehicles in Los Angeles alone, it's quite impossible to find a house without a garage. But not all houses accommodate vehicles. If you think about it, it's becoming more of a trend to use public transport these days due to how bad the traffic in get. So these garages, although existing, no Longer serve their intended purposes and end up being mere storage spaces. But there's more to your garage then just being a space to store your unwanted stuff.

With Littleton’s Construction, We transform your unused garage into a fine a living space that you and your family can fully utilized. Our ADU conversion specialists And garage Remodelers Chan convert even the simplest of garages and Turn them into basically whatever type of living space that you want, may it be a lounge guest room, or even an open mini bar. Our home improvement specialists & remodelers are redefining ADU Conversions with Sophisticated designs and cutting-edge techniques to effectively and efficiently turn your garage into a functional and appealing living space.

Feel free to get in touch with our home improvement consultants & remodelers to further discuss your ADU Conversion project.

ADU Conversions

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There's not many home improvement service providers around Los Angeles who offer these many services than Littleton’s Construction. From carpentry work, to electrical services, to plumbing, and even flooring Installations and repairs, our team of home improvement specialists are more than capable of providing you with what you need to make your house feel more like a home. For more information, feel free to give us a call at 323-348-2913 or email us at Alternatively, you can also send us direct message through our contact form. Our staff is more than happy to assist you with booking an appointment or answering any and all of your home improvement-related questions or inquiries.